Computer tools in particle physics

Notes for these courses can be found here.

Cátedra Augusto García González
June 22nd-26th 2015
México D.F. (Mexico)

Instituto de Física Corpuscular (CSIC – U. Valencia)
Master & Doctorate Course
February 1st-5th 2016
Valencia (Spain)
Website. The videos of the lectures can be watched here:

Universidad de Antioquia
Workshop in computational High Energy Physics
December 5th-9th 2016
Medellín (Colombia)

 The Standard Model of particle physics and beyond

ISAPP 2016 – International School of Astroparticle Physics
Physics and astrophysics of cosmic rays in space
University of Milano Bicocca
September 12th-14th 2016
Milan (Italy)
The notes of the course can be found here:

 Neutrino mass models

17th International Baikal Summer School on HEP and Astrophysics
Joint Institut for Nuclear Research (JINR) and Irkutsk State University (ISU)
July 13th-20th 2017
Bol’shie Koty (Russia)
The exercises of the course can be found here: exercises.